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Is your windshield dirty, dirty or has one of your vehicle's windows broken or cracked? You may have just experienced this, but did you know that damage to your car's glass can be a serious safety hazard?

That's why it's important to always check your car's windows regularly and have them repaired immediately if a problem arises.

You may not be sure where to go in Hyattsville, MD for your specific automotive glass needs. We at Car Glass Wizards process all types of windows and service all types of vehicles. We offer 24/7 emergency services as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Car window inspection and cleaning

We inspect your car windows for cracks and debris that may appear inside or outside your vehicle. Often a splinter, also called a target or star, can be easily fixed. However, larger cracks often require window replacement. We also inspect your windows for so-called micro-holes. These tiny holes are caused by particles coming into contact with your vehicle's glass while you are driving. While you may not notice them, these pinholes can build up over time and result in a dangerous reduction in your ability to see when oncoming headlights shine on your windshield. To protect you, if your windshield has micro holes, we recommend that you replace it.

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We also perform a thorough inspection of all edges around each window to determine if there is any body damage around the glass. This extra level of inspection is important because any problems that might be uncovered could actually damage the seal, which could lead to a leak. Finally, we inspect the windshield wiper blades to make sure they are flexible and smooth. Wiper blades can become brittle over time and eventually break. A broken blade can cause the metal arm to scratch the windshield.

In terms of cleaning, we use ammonia-free cleaners because traditional cleaners that contain ammonia can damage the upholstery as well as the dashboard. Ammonia-based cleaners can also wreak havoc on windows that contain layers of blackout film. We also use soft cloths, which safely remove dirt without scratching the glass.

auto glass repair

At Car Glass Wizards in Hyattsville, MD, we use the latest technology to provide a safe, permanent solution for damage to your windshield, side windows or rear window. Plus, you can be confident that your car glass will receive a state-of-the-art repair or replacement.

Small and long crack repairs

To determine whether your vehicle's glass can be repaired or needs replacing, we first analyze the location and extent of the damage. For example, if the glass has a chip of at most a quarter, it can usually be repaired.

Likewise, cracks smaller than a few inches can usually be repaired without needing to replace the windshield or window. However, if the damage is in the driver's field of vision, even if the damage is minor, your windshield may need to be replaced. In this situation a replacement may be recommended as the repair could result in distortion which could reduce visibility leading to an unsafe driving situation.

Automatic glass replacement

If your windshield has a crack in contact with the edge, we will likely recommend replacing your windshield. Cracks that come into contact with the edge of the windshield tend to spread quickly and easily, which makes repairing this particular type of crack difficult and likely ineffective. Fortunately, most insurers cover windshield replacement under the comprehensive portion of their policies.

Reasons to contact us

A damaged or broken windshield leaves you at the mercy of road conditions, bad weather, theft and vandalism. Temporary auto glass repairs will not protect you, your passengers or your belongings. Light contact with road debris can easily break a car's glass. Damaged windshields can expose vehicle occupants to more serious injuries during a collision, even a minor fender dent. All of this can be easily avoided with a quick repair or replacement of your windshield or any part of your car's glass that needs repair.

Many, many years of experience

Auto Windshield and Glass Repair in Hyattsville, Maryland (3)

With over 20 years of experience in the automotive glass industry, our Hyattsville, MD auto glass repair and replacement service serves thousands of customers each year through skilled and experienced technicians. In addition to being certified, they get the job done quickly with innovative tools and technologies designed for your convenience. All of our technicians have extensive training and hands-on experience with automotive glass issues. Whether it's a simple repair or a major repair, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also provide 24/7 repair and replacement as well as emergency service for all our customers.

When you schedule an auto glass repair or replacement with us, you are making a big decision to protect yourself and your loved ones. We make it easy to run these services at the touch of a button. You can call us directly and speak with our representative to schedule a visit.

As for service, the entire replacement or repair can take anywhere from an hour to several days, depending on the extent of the damage. It's fast and simple, and above all practical and safe. So don't let the crack get bigger or the damage last too long. Give us a call and get an offer right away.

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Why Car Glass Wizards?

100% satisfaction guarantee

We give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all repair and replacement jobs.

Quality control

We pay attention to recognizable quality management in all work processes.

Years of experience

With our technicians with many years of experience in vehicle glass, your car will be in good hands.

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What our customers say

I replaced the windshield here with no problems. I have an appointment for one day. She would leave the car in the morning and pick it up again in the afternoon. Recommended!

— John Connelly

Professionalism combined with punctuality and excellence in service. Every problem is solved in a very short time. I'm very satisfied. Thanks!

—Filip Oliver

Very good service, very friendly staff, excellent advice and fast windshield replacement! I would go there again anytime with a stone blow or a cracked windshield!

—Derek Aylward

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Automotive windshield and glass repair services

Hyattsville, MD, Príncipe George district
Telephone:(844) 483-0560

Auto windshield and glass repair areas:
We deliver to Hyattsville and surrounding areas with zip code:
20781, 20782, 20783, 20784, 20785, 20787, 20788

Other nearby cities:

  • Mount Rainier, MD, Okrug Prince George (2 miles)
  • Brentwood, MD, Okrug Prince George (2 miles)
  • Riverdale, MD, Okrug Prince George (2 miles)
  • College Park, MD, Okrug Prince George (2 miles)
  • Bladensburg, MD, Okrug Prince George (2 miles)
  • Takoma Park, MD, Okrug Montgomery (3 miles)
  • Washington Navy Yard, DC, okrug Distrito de Columbia (4 miles)
  • Silver Spring, MD, Condado de Montgomery (5 miles)
  • Greenbelt, MD, Okrug Prince George (5 miles)
  • Beltsville, MD, Okrug Prince George (5 miles)
  • Washington, DC, Okrug Distrito de Columbia (5 miles)
  • Capitol Heights, MD, okrug Prince George (6 miles)
  • chevy chase, medical medicine, okrug montgomery (7 miles)
  • Kensington, MD, Okrug Montgomery (8 miles)
  • Glenn Dale, MD, Okrug Prince George (8 miles)

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How fast do windshield cracks spread? ›

In one day, these cracks will start spreading on a microscopic level. Within a few days, you will see marked differences in the crack with the naked eye.

Why is the crack in my windshield getting bigger? ›

In fact, most windshield cracks do get worse by spreading or splintering over the glass due to changing weather conditions or other debris. For example, extreme hot and cold can cause the glass to expand and contract causing cracks it grow, making visibility incredibly difficult for a driver.

What to do if a rock hits your windshield? ›

What To Do When a Rock Hits Your Windshield
  1. Pull over and inspect for damage. The first thing to do, according to the American Automobile Association is to pull over and inspect for damage. ...
  2. Cover the area. ...
  3. Check with your insurance. ...
  4. Bring your vehicle into an auto glass repair shop.
Jun 13, 2012

What causes stress cracks in windshields? ›

Stress cracks are typically caused by sudden and extreme changes in temperature without the application of external force or pressure through loose stones or objects hitting the glass. Your car's windscreen expands in hot weather and contracts when temperatures drop.


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